What is it?

Easy, cheap and fun!

Nordic Walking  is good for the heart and circulation, strengthens arms and shoulders, improves posture of the back and tones abs and buttocks. At first glance it seems a miracle cure. It is a new way to do sport that is spred around the world. Sport for everybody at every age, it offers fitness enthusiasts an easy, inexpensive and fun way to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle.

Nordic Walking was born in Scandinavia few years ago. At first it was practiced by athletes nordic skiing during the summer-autumn preparation. Later, it was refined and developed into a real fitness exercise. It consists of a walk with sticks. But look out! Many of us have already walked with poles but we can assure you that Nordic walking is a totally different because the stick is used to push and not as support.

We should not think that you go faster or make less effort because the basic principle of this new discipline is to involve the largest possible number of muscles and, consequently, increase energy costs at constant speed and distance traveled. At the same time, it improves fitness.

Mario, coach of the Italian School of Nordic Walking organize courses for beginners. Contact him to find out course dates and where the course will be attended. Furthermore he can organize some Nordic Walking walks with people that have already the basics.

You can fine further information on http://www.scuolaitaliananordicwalking.it/